LeEco —

The Wolf and Lion Story

LeEco enters the US market positioning itself to offer a "disruptive" experience. I was fortunate to design the first round of TV packaging that was launched in the US. With being unique in mind, I wanted to create something visually powerful to make an impression yet not lacking what consumers look for in a conventional television packaging.


LeEco encourages what is known to be "Lion and Wolf Culture" in which everyone must exert both the leadership of a lion as well as the cooperation of wolves in a pack. In line with this ideal, we created this powerful visual for the powerful brand.

I explored many design concepts in the beginning, ranging from the more traditional and conventional to the more modern and abstract.​


Uncommon in TV packaging in the current market, I decided to use a pair of eyes on the packaging to elicit a powerful emotion and curiosity about the brand.

+ Branding

The first US launch on October 19th, 2016 included the x-Series and the uMax. For the x-Series we selected the colorful look branded with LeEco's four colors: red, green, blue, and grey. While for the uMax, we hoped for a more premium feel using black box.


​Additionally, the LeEco TV, as opposed to traditional TV manufacturers, focuses on its integrated content offerings. With rich ties with hollywood with its Le Vision Pictures subsidiary, the black box with gold font conveys a rather Hollywoord-like feel.

+ Initial Design Concepts



+ Icon Creation

In order to satisfy what consumers look for when making a purchasing decision, I created individual icons that highlight each selling point of the product, including 4K UHD, Fluid Motion 1920, HDR (High Dynamic Range), and Full-Array LED Backlight.

+ Partner Logos

Consumers not only look for hardware specs, content TV apps nowadays are a standard. Thus, partner logos were placed prominenty in the front and back, after coordination with partners’ brand team for approval.

+ Modifications and Adjustments

When putting the design onto actual box dimension specs, I printed the design in real size and adjusted text size and layout for the best visual effect: with text not absormally big yet legible at a reasonable distance.


Additionally, as a general style is confirmed, further variations in style was explored. Below is an example of the design variations for the back of the uMax.

+ Final Review

In the final review process, we made sure that the colors were in the correct spot Pantone colors/CMYK color codes, to be ready for print production.