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"Welcome to the LeEco family. We believe users like you should drive our product roadmap, not the other way around. Your feedback is critical to the development ofour devices and ecosystem experience."​


At the core of the LeEco philosophy, user feedback drives product development. I designed the UP2U ("up to you") logo to illustrate the concept of the feedback loop within the Le Ecosystem.

After incorporating LeEco's brand colors, initially I sought to incorporate the overlap behavior observed from the LeEco logo into the UP2U logo.

LeEco is a brand build upon its disruptive, futuristic, and enterprising spirit.  As I break away from the rounded shapes (seen on the logo), I created sleek graphic elements to represent the circular ecosystem world.

+ Logo Proposals

Our Chief Marketing Officer preferred the sleek lines — "As we enter the US market, we must position ourselves with a rather serious tonality."


Thus, I did a few more iterations of the selected style.

+ Final Logo
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