Architecture competition —

Treehouse module

We've named this architectural competition project Let’s Play — an assemble of playful modules.

It is  a modern treehouse accommodation complex that invites one to channel their inner childhood through experiencing play place like architecture. The story begins with our fond memories of climbing play structures as a child. Every transition and turn of corner presents a new opportunity for surprise and imagination. Thus, our design emphasizes on the vertical transition between spaces, known as the ‘play modules’.


Each ‘play module’ serves a specific function: living, sleeping, and wellness. We break away from the

mental schema that commonly place these functions under a single roof, instead we allow them to occupy independent modules. Through this separation of space, we feel safe and private, yet with a renewed sense of truth.

+ Concept

What would be the most unique experience in the trees? We sketched out a few concepts with the idea of childhood play in mind. 

+ Design & production

Site, plan, elevation, section, construction,  and  modularity.

+ Presentation board