LeEco —

Product Ecosystem

As LeEco enters the retail world via partnerships with AT&T, Amazon, etc, we created a variety of online & offline graphics to showcase the product ecosystem and to support sales efforts, including branded standees to be placed in the retail store.

In addition, LeEco.com has its own e-commerce platform built into the site (formerly known as LeMall.com), provides consumers a direct portal to purchase LeEco's smart devices including TV, mobile phone, and various accessories.​ We designed many graphics to drive consumer awareness.

+ Retail standees

In order to differentiate ourselves and to stand out amongst the many competitors' flyers on the market, I chose to use alternative angles of our products on the standees, stepping away from the standard monotoned graphic for a more colorful and playful feel.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

*Note, the content on the final standees were adjusted with more information.

+ Digital promotional banners

Online promotion focuses less on corporate branding but more on events, occasions, and holidays in order to drive sales targeting specific times of the year. Below I designed some banners for the holidays as well as online advertising banners.

Holiday social posts