LINE More, Be Closer

A pioneer in stickers, the LINE app attracts its users with its thousands of stickers and emojis. LINE has its own family of characters including the popular bear "Brown", bunny "Cony", and "Sally" the chicken.​


We partnered with top entertainment and consumer brands to design their brand experience via Official Accounts on the LINE app, including branded stickers and promotional campaigns. Working on a plethora of projects, I had the freedom of using the many LINE characters to create enticing visuals and to tell a story.

+ "Cokemoji" campaign: happiness under the red cap

LINE partnered with Coca-Cola NWEN (North West Europe and Nordics) and designed an experience around Coke's emoji summer marketing campaign in 2015. Coca-Cola's creative focus on the idea of sharing feelings via emojis was consistent with LINE's core value of visual and expressive communication, leveraging LINE's sticker capability and "Must-Buy" functionality.

I designed the in-app user journey upon purchasing a coke product to redeeming stickers and coupons in the LINE app, taking into account the branded experience critical to both Coca-Cola and LINE as well as the technical limitations, at the same time proposing innovative solutions to improve the user experience.

User flow




Code under bottle cap

Enter code on website

Win LINE stickers or prizes

Prototyping & mockups

1. Mobile landing page after entering code

2. Add Coca-Cola Official Account as a "friend"

3. The brand sends users push notification

4. Branded rich message to prompt users to download the stickers to engage with the brand

5. User led to the sticker download page and has the option to "Send as a Gift" to share with friends

+ Redesigning the LINE US Official Account page

Inspired by the Official Account page of LINE Japan, I proposed a redesign of the US version. The current list form will be difficult to scale as we onboard more partners.

The accounts will be categorized by categories including Artists, Entertainment & Media, Sports, etc. so that users will be able to browse for Official Accounts more easily. In addition, a clean look is preserved for the US audience as opposed to the more animated design suited for the Asian market.

Current design



Redesigned screens

Main screen with navigation tabs added to the top

Scroll down to browse additional accounts as organized by category

News tab to display US market-specific news

Instead of scrolling all the way down on the home page, users can view all categories from the Category tab

In this project, I used simple layout to give users a mini tutorial on a few key features of the LINE app (posted on the LINE USA home page).

+ Jingle Ball Graphics

We partnered with iHeartMedia and created many promotional graphics for the Jingle Ball event to promote the LINE app in LA and New York.


​I worked closely with the senior designer from the LINE headquarters, recognizing the importance of LINE branding with the extensive use of LINE green on external flyers, while localizing to resonate the festive mood of the Jingle Ball event.

+ Functionality Tutorials
+ Brand Overview

Working in business development, I realized that we needed a document to be shared with business partners that introduces LINE. Thus, I created this branded two-pager that provides a brief overview of LINE, highlighting key stats, features, and selling points supported by compelling data.