Interiors —

Belmont Apartment

I helped a couple think through the interior design process as they moved to their new apartment in Belmont. California.  Scope included the interior layout of the living room and master bedroom. ​


After understanding the couple's goals and expected use of space, I took   measurements of the space and put together moodboard, color palette, and a few interior plans for them.

+ Problem

Some of the biggest changes the couple wanted for the new apartment is to have ample entertainment space to invites guests over for gatherings. In addition, they would like the couch to be a centerpiece, as that's where they envision spending most of their time.

+ Mood & Colors

I recommended the couple color palette choices along with simple moodboards to begin the brainstorming process. It's important to have a color theme in mind when before selecting furnishing to make sure the colors will match. The couple liked darker tones along with a modern look, as well as plants to add to the earthy look.

+ Design principles

With the couple's needs in mind, I put a few layout options together with 3 principles.


01 Comfort: A homey experience (nice couch important!)


02 Social: Intimate place for guests (to host dinner parties, board games, gatherings)


03 Modular: Efficient; can transform for different uses

+ Furnishing inspirations

Lastly, I provided a few furnishing inspirations based  on needs unique to the layout.